Adjusting to Second Grade

Our son is a little less than 10 months older than his sister, so he's in second grade! It's pretty neat that they are so close in age, so they can ride the bus to and from school together, and see each other at lunch this year.

Second grade is a bit harder than first grade was, but thankfully my husband is a genius when it comes to math and can help him and our daughter with their math homework. He's got quite a few of his friends in his class, so he was happy about that, and so far loves school.

He has a bit more homework usually than she does, and also has PSSA usually once a week along with spelling words for Friday tests, and math papers. The photo below is not his homework paper, I found it online but it's similar to what they're teaching in school and learning.

The math is quite aggrivating to me, because I don't understand it very well. I'm trying to read up on it online though to better understand it, so I can help both kids for when their dad isn't home to help with homework if he's working late or something. It's definitely different from when I went to school and learned math. He's even learning ALGEBRA! Yes, algebra in the SECOND grade! It is quite rediculous to learn that so early on. 


  1. Wow that's so great that he's learning algebra in the second grade! I have a first grader so it's fun getting a peek at the year ahead!

  2. Second grade was quite the adjustment, too. The math is very different and I find myself looking at youtube every once and a while...and I have a math/science degree. Thankfully, now that my girls know the process I find they are advancing their math skills in leaps and bounds.

  3. It took me a second to figure out what it was asking. OHHH, make a ten! I can see how this would be an adjustment.