Acorn Influence: Sam's Club Baby Month

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card to Sam's Club from Acorn Influence to be able to facilitate this post, and am receiving payment at the end of this campaign.

As you know, I have a 3 1/2 month old son and we go through diapers quite a bit and I'm thrilled that I was accepted for this campaign with Acorn Influence. September is known as Sam's Club Baby Month, and you can really save money on products for your little one! Be sure to enter a giveaway which can be found HERE and is for several $50 Sam's Club gift cards!

Sam's Club is an awesome place to shop, and as you can see the one that my family lives by is nice and big.

When we stock up on Sam's Club packs, I can care for my baby and help my budget while buying more for our baby! Sam's Club is a great place to shop for baby's needs and buying things in bulk really helps on saving you time as the products will last longer as there is more in it than in a different store that's not bulk.

A picture was taken during the shopping experience on the baby aisle for Pampers diapers and wipes that were needed. See how much more diapers are in a Sam's Club pack than other stores? It's awesome! There were a nice amount of baby items to choose from and the one discovery item that was chosen was a shark book. 

The products that I bought with the gift card received for this campaign are:
- Pampers Swaddlers - size 
- Pampers Sensitive Wipes
- Dreft laundry detergent
- Discovery item

We chose the Pampers Swaddlers diapers in a size  , and it will last us quite a bit I'm sure! Pampers is definitely our go to brand of diapers, and he doesn't get a rash with them or anything. They're the best brand for him, and you get a lot in a box, at Sam's Club.

The next product we got was Pampers Sensitive Wipes, which are great for all babies. Babies that are more keen to get rashes, these wipes would work well on them. Our son doesn't get rashes much, but we like Pampers Sensitive wipes.

We also got a Discovery item which was chosen to be a shark book for kids, which was $9.98. And we also got Dreft Laundry Detergent which its size is 170 oz, which is 101 loads! This will be a HUGE help with saving on laundry soap for sure, for him. 


  1. I love Pampers and they are the only diaper I use. I need to check out Sams near me on prices!

  2. Pampers worked best for my family. I love the softness and effectiveness. It's good to know you can get them at Sam's Club and save.

  3. We don't have a Sam's near us, but I ALWAYS bought my boys diapers at a wholesale club. I am sure we saved thousands by doing that.

    1. We starting stocking up as soon as we found out we were having a baby. Those clubs make it so easy to save.

  4. I love Sam's. My kids are not little anymore so I don't need any baby items anymore, at least personally. It is a great place, though, to get a baby shower gift.

  5. I don't have a Sam's club here in Montana but there was one in NJ when I lived there. The deals were always really good.

  6. This is right on time for me, considering I now have two kids in diapers! I need to renew my Sam's club membership. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. We are a Pampers family too. Love buying the large sizes too!

  8. I remember the mountains of diapers we always had! Pampers swaddlers are amazing and we used them with all three of our girls :-)

  9. We have always liked Pampers. I miss the huge discount we use to get at Sam's Club and need to become a member again. Just moved back from California so we can't do it immediately but I will be doing it soon. Shark book sounds like a good pick.

  10. I love Sam's Club! I bought diapers for my kids there several years ago. Now I stock up on cat litter!

  11. Wow they have a lot of baby stuff at Sam's Club! I may need to get a membership there, I would probably save a lot of money.

  12. It looks like you've pretty well taken care of everything you'll need just by shopping at Sam's Club. I like that their diapers come in nice big sizes too.