School is almost Here!

Some parents "can't wait" until school starts, which I really don't understand that concept as we have had a fun summer. Our kids will be in first grade and second grade, and they're thrilled because they got the teachers they both wanted.  The photo below is from last school year, as they haven't started school yet.

I'm a stay at home mom, so with having a 3 month old I'm use to getting up by 6:40am with him to nurse and staying awake most of the time, because I can't sleep once awake if it's light out usually. Their school year bedtime aside from Wednesday nights due to church activity known as AWANA is at 8pm, and up at 6:40am. During the summer time, their bedtime was at 9 - 10pm, and they would wake up between 7:45 - 8:30am depending on the day. They keep counting down until school starts, because they can't wait to be back with their friends again, and to start Cub Scouts and Daisy Scouts again, in September or October! 

We can't eat lunch with them though except for their birthdays, so that's a bummer but that's the school rules. It's been very humid, but now is finally starting to cool off a bit, so it will be hoodie season before I know it! They can wear shorts to school for a short time before they say pants and jeans only from now until April or May. We love their school and teachers.


  1. School is a part of life - kids are excited to go and mothers are sad to see them go. Time marches on.

  2. My boys are up at 5am to catch the bus at 6:05 am.My husband usually leaves for work shortly after that. Like you, once awake, I do not go back to sleep. Being the mother of two teen ADHD boys, must admit that I am one of those that is very happy when school is back in session. I love my boys, but I am a mother of 6. Four are grown with families of their own (I have 10 grandkids!). The quiet in my house during the day gives me time to blog and have a little 'me time' while I clean.

  3. School starts for us on Sept 8th. We're ALL excited for a more normal, less hectic schedule. Of course, hubby and I are also looking forward to earlier bed times!