Pampers or Huggies Diapers - Which Diaper Works Best

We have three children, and our youngest is in a size 1 diaper at the moment. We have used several different brands of diapers on a regular basis, just because we have it here and size 1 are mixed up in a container, so I just grab one and change him. 

Which works best - Pampers or Huggies Little Snugglers?

When our older two were babies, they used Huggies a lot and it was LUVS and Pampers that didn't work well on them, and they would leak through even only after 30 minutes. Well, now it's the opposite for our youngest; we used Pampers in the hospital of course since that's what is provided to moms at no cost during your stay. No issues whatsoever with them! We were given a package of Huggies Little Snugglers and bought one thinking they would work well like they did with our other two. 

No, we don't use Huggies with him because these diapers whether it's newborn size or not LEAK really bad. I change him once an hour or so, and it was like I had to change him constantly. So, now we're stuck with a half package and full package of these Huggies diapers we'll never use on him again and can't return them because we tried both packs to see if it was just the one or if both were an issue. It's absolutely rediculous that they leak like this, it's like the material is extremely thin or something, I don't know. 

Now, onto Pampers and how well they work for him. We love the Pampers diapers and that's the brand we will buy when we run out of diapers. As a blogger, I do product reviews so with a lot of the previous reviews I did on the diaper cakes they came with Pampers so I have a lot of unopened packs from church friends, as well as the ones from the cakes. So, in reality since mid May, we have bought maybe 3 packages of diapers and no wipes yet as we have several left from church friends. It's been a big blessing, but definitely stick with Pampers if you want a good diaper that doesn't leak. We have had no issues so far with them, and I hope it stays that way. 


  1. We've tried so many different diapers too. We like pampers for the first couple of months but then we switch to Huggies. We're huge Huggies fans here. It's so child dependent.

  2. Honestly, my kids flipped back and forth between them. It seemed like it depended on their body shape and size at any particular time!

  3. Pampers has always been the best fit for my kids. I've never had issues with leaks.

  4. When my daughter was little I tried name brand and store brand diapers. Pampers were the best fit, until she was about 2 years we switched to using Huggies which worked way better. Love Huggies for the toddler, just before the potty training age.