Baby Event 2015: Bambo Nature - Size 2 Diapers

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Bambo Nature in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

I had received samples of three sizes for Bambo Nature, and the newborn and size 1 was too small, but size 2 is too big but better than the other two sizes. He will grow into them. He's in a size 1 of all other diaper brands we use. We received 6 packs of 30 diapers in size 2 from Bambo Nature, for this review. These are good quality products.

I put one diaper on him of size 2 to be able to review it even though it's too big, and it was pretty good about holding in vs another brand I have issue with. I like the design of these diapers and they can fold in or out like all other diapers can, if too big for babies. These diapers say they are good for 7 - 13 lbs, but my son is likely over 12 lbs by now and they are big on him. We don't have a scale, so only time we get him weighed is dr appointments or WIC.

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  1. I love Bambo Nature diapers! Anything eco-friendly is so much better than what is available to use in most stores!