Summer Event 2015: Mayo Baby - 3 Onesies

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy Shop Mayo Baby in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

I received three adorable onesies from the awesome Etsy Shop known as Mayo Baby that sells a variety of everything basically. Before I begin with my review officially, I was asked to introduce my readers to their maternity Etsy Shop known as Cutsie Tootsie Apparel, where you'll find a variety of nice pregnancy clothes for all sizes to fit your comfort! Take a look.

I love these adorable baby onesies! I got them in a size 3 months. Our son wears 0 - 3 months, but surprisingly he fits perfectly into these! I was really happy when I tried them on him to see they fit him. Don't you just love these?

The first onesie I will introduce you to is the I Love Daddy one.  You can buy this cute onesie on their shop for only $19.95, and it comes in sizes: 3 months, all the way up to 18 - 24 months! So your child can wear this one for quite awhile, just choose the appropriate size for him or her! 

And again, I was asked by the company to take a photo of our son in the onesies, but for privacy reasons I am not showing our childrens' faces on my blog or in my posts.

The second onesie that I received for review is known as American Citizen in Training and can be bought for just $19.95 on their shop! This one I just love as I find it fitting as the 4th of July just passed. I just love the color of gray that these are made in. The color is just perfect with the print of writing it's in. This onesie also comes in sizes: 3 months up to 24 months.

The third and final onesie that I received for review is known as Little Monster and I really like this one, just because of how cute the monster on the front is. You can buy this one for only $19.95 on their shop! This one also comes is sizes: 3 months up to 24 months. 


  1. I think my favorite is the Little Monster one too. They look ultra comfortable. You can tell even in pics.

  2. Those are too cute. I have THREE sisters in law who are pregnant right now, so I know where I am going to shop for their showers!

  3. I love the little monster onesie!! I've told my sister that my niece or nephew will be WELL STOCKED in onesies that say 'My Aunt's the GREATEST!!' so I am hoping this shop has those!

  4. Oh my goodness the cuteness! Now you are making me want another baby, good thing I have a niece and nephew coming to buy for!

  5. oh my goodness those are too cute. My son is now 16 months old so I'm missing the baby days by looking at these pics!