How Dads Can Bond with New Baby Without a Bottle

Bonding with a new baby is so easy to do, whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child formula or even breastmilk. 

What nursing moms may worry about is the question:

How can dads bond with the new baby without a bottle?

Ways that dads can bond with new baby without a bottle are:

1. Hold baby a lot - When baby is awake, have dad hold baby sometimes to spend time together
2. Change diapers - Have him help with diaper changes as often as he's able to
3. Help with bath time - Dads can always help with bath time 
4. Run short errands with baby and be back in time for next feeding - Dads love to take baby out when they go places. Just make sure that he's back in time for the baby's next feeding to nurse.

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