Bringing Home an Infant with a Dog in the House & How to Introduce Them

I was asked by someone to post about how to bring an infant home with a dog in the house, and how to introduce them to each other. We personally don't have a dog as a pet, so I can't talk from experience really, but have done some research for my readers and will be posting some helpful information below.

Some information I am providing below is from the ASPCA and Cesars Way websites in case you're wondering where I found what I am posting. 

Introducing your dog to your newborn baby:
- Have someone at your home with the dog and some treats to keep the dog calm while you and baby walk inside for the first time, so the dog isn't overly excited.
- Be sure that you stay calm and relaxed when you walk into the house
- When you're ready to let your dog officially meet your new baby, be sure to do so very carefully and in a quiet room, and sit down with your baby in your arms 
- Establish boundaries around the baby's nursery

Ways to get the dog to go away when he or she is in the way:
- Use a simple command such as go away or shoo
- Show the dog a treat and toss the treat a few feet from where you are sitting
- Repeat this probably 10 times

If the dog in any way acts aggressive towards your baby:
- Get help for the dog with dog obedience training classes 
- Your child's safety comes first 100% of the time, so if obedience classes don't help solve the agressive issue then you may have to find a new home for the dog, whether you want to or not.

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