Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom and Baby

You might be asking yourself what some benefits of breastfeeding are for mom and baby, so that's what this post is all about, so I hope it helps if you're considering nursing your baby or already are. 

I have been breastfeeding now for 5 weeks and still going very strong. It's what is best!

The benefits of breastfeeding for moms:

- It can help you lose weight. I know for me, I lost all 16 lbs I had gained plus an additional 7 lbs
- Helps the uterus to go back to the state in which it was in before having a baby
- It can actually help to lower the risk of breast & ovarian cancer, as well as obesity and osteoporosis 
- Anti stress - Since breastmilk is available on demand (whenever baby is hungry) and easy on the mother, the mom can get enough rest since she knows her baby is healthy and getting the correct nutrients her baby needs. It's also very cheap to breastfeed as all you really need is YOU, but of course I use a pump and nursing pads but I got the pump from Medicaid (Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter Kit) and the other items for reviewing.
- Emotional connection - Nursing your baby helps form a special bond between mother and baby. It's a very special time to be able to nurse a baby, and is a lot easier than dealing with formula etc. I pump nighttime bottles, but that's because I don't bed-share with baby.
- Boosts self confidence knowing that we as mothers have all the nutrients our baby needs to strive the first year

The benefits of breastfeeding for babies:
- Wholesome food - Breastmilk is very rich in vital nutrients and is very sterile
- Helps strengthen immune system - Moms milk has all the right nutrients and anti bodies that are made to help strengthen the baby's immune system and helps them from getting sick
- Helps improve EQ and Cognition - Breastfeeding is great for baby's brain, and actually new research shows that babies parts associated with language and emotional function as well as cognition are much more pronounced
- Emotional growth - The relationship between mother and baby is deep-rooted in the interaction of breastfeeding. 
- Protects against diseases - This protection against diseases goes beyond infant ages, it can help reduce the risk of certain childhood cancers, and avoid a lot of diseases which show up later in life

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