Summer Event 2015: Go Go Squeeze Products

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Go Go Squeez in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

For a great and easy on the go snack for kids, keep reading!

I have been interested in working with the brand GoGo Squeez for quite sometime before emailing them. I thought their products would be a perfect fit to go into my Summer Event 2015, on my blog! 

You can find their products at just about any store with the applesauce. They're very reasonably priced and come in a pack of 4. Of course there are larger packs available, but the ones I received for review are the 4 packs. These are great for toddlers and kids of all ages really. The top is really easy to twist off to open, so the kids can open it themselves! 

We initially received a few packages of the Go Go Squeez, and I found that we also had 2 free product coupons for two 4 packs, so of course we jumped at the chance to use them at Walmart. We let our kids choose which flavors they wanted to have. They love trying new flavors, and some of the ones we got were ones that they had not tried yet, so it was a nice treat. We take these when we go places where we will be gone for awhile or all day outings. The favorite flavors as per my son is the pear and my daughter voted for the berry one.

These are the combined flavors that we received / got with the coupons: 
- Berry
- Grape
- Apple Pineapple
- Apple Apple
- Zippin' Zingin' Pear


  1. My youngest is crazy about GoGo Squeeze and it's one of our favorite summer snacks. We always take it to the pool and I love how easy it is to eat on the go!

  2. My kids love these! We have them all the time in our cupboards for them to enjoy :)

  3. My daughter loves these!!! They're the perfect on the go snack and they're even good for kids!

  4. My son loves his GoGo Squeeze! These are great for summer on the go days and school lunches!

  5. We all love the Go Go Squeeze pouches. They are great for taking on the road as we race from activity to activity.

  6. We love those! My sons and husband both eat them everyday and I love them, too!