Baby Event 2015: Inspired Gift Baskets - Washcloth Candy & Washcloth Bouquet

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop Inspired Gift Baskets in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Do you love attending a baby shower, yet can't find that perfect gift? Well, keep reading to see these adorable products.

As my baby event is coming to a close on my blog as I have all that I need now and it turned into a HUGE successful event full of amazing products to review for some awesome shops and companies, I want to bring you another review for this event.

I met a very nice Etsy owner of the shop called Inspired Gift Baskets and found some adorable products that would be great to add into my Baby Event 2015, and sure enough the shop owner was interested in a review of these two products I am about to introduce you to.

The first product is called washcloth candy and can be found here and the price is only $5 for these 3 cute washcloths! Be sure and stock up on these while you can. I love the colors and the size of them is perfect too for what I need. You can choose a gender to buy these in, so of course they have them available for girl colors not just boy colors as I received. 

The second product that I was sent for review is the absolutely adorable washcloth bouquet which can be found here and bought for only $22.95! This one is also available in girl colors not just boy colors as I received, so choose what you need! I love the colors and our son will definitely be using these washcloths on a very regular basis. These are nice size baby washcloths, and are very well put together into this cute bouquet found below! Feel free to follow this shop on Facebook and Instagram.

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