Air & Water: New Air AF-520B 18" Deluxe Outdoor Misting Fan - Matt Black Finish Review

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Air & Water in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Did you know that Air & Water has some great products available on their website? Below, is just one of many nice things they have to offer.

I know I know, spring and summer bring lots of hot air and heat, right? Well, now you can cool off in the hot spring air with the New Air Deluxe Outdoor Misting Fan which can be found here! The price of this awesome misting fan is $129.95 on their website, which is $38.99 cheaper than the listing price of $168.94! Check out Air & Water on Facebook to see what all they have sale wise. Feel free to use the coupon code SAVE20 at checkout for a special discount. The SKU Number for this product is 854001004747 test.

There are different options for getting a warranty if you choose to have one with this fan. There's the option of no warranty, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, or 5 year. Of course the prices of the warranty varies with the option you choose for it. I never buy warranties with products, but I'm sure they have their benefits if you do.

I have personally always wanted to own a misting fan of some sort, and what better way than to get a standing one that is good for outdoors. I will likely be using it without the misting portion of it inside as well until we get our air conditioner in place. It's not even June yet, and it's been 80 - 89 degrees depending on the day, and even in the evening it gets pretty warm in the house so a few fans definitely make a big difference. This one is a great asset to have for family and friends coming over for a weekend BBQ. We love to have friends over! The weight of this product is 16 lbs, which may seem heavy hearing it, but it's really not too bad at all! 

In case you need to know the sizing of the fan before purchasing, it's dimensions are L: 19.38" x W: 19.38" x H: 55". 

The nice thing about this particular fan is that it has 3 adjustable speed settings which helps to customize the mist levels, and in case you don't just want a high blast fan. It also has an adjustable height to it, which makes it convenient so that it's not too high or low for what you like and need for your home. It cools up to 500 square feet as well, which is really nice when you want a decent size space to be getting cooled off, not just a small area. This fan head is extra large at 18" which is made to cool off large areas as I mentioned already, up to 500 square feet. Like many fans, this one is able to go in several directions with its motion which makes it nice. This fan is strong as well as durable to withstand outside elements.


  1. Summer is coming FAST here in New England, so we could totally use one of these. I want one :)

  2. This sounds like a fantastic fan to have on hand when the warmer weather hits! I really love the products from Air & Water, they carry some great things! Is this fan pretty powerful?

    1. It's fairly slow but steady on the first setting, the third speed setting is the most powerful out of the three settings which makes it nice for a hot day.