Fairhaven Health - Dream Belly Butter

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Fairhaven Health in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you pregnant and worried about your upcoming or current stretch marks? 

I didn't get many stretch marks with my first child, but the second time around I sure did, but they ended up lighting up a bit. Well, I thought this time with my third would be lucky and they'd stay away but no I was wrong! They appeared after 20 weeks or so all over my belly. 

I got the opportunity to review some Dream Belly Butter that can be bought HERE for only $14.95! I have been applying this all over my stomach and stretch marks daily and it makes my stomach nice and smoothe and I can tell that the stretch marks that I did have are not as dark by far. I wish I would have gotten some of this belly butter with my first so I could have had less dark marks but hey I didn't. I highly recommend this product to pregnant moms as well as postpartum mothers. The product has worked well on me and I will be saving it to use once baby is born as well. It has a pleasant scent to it, which is a huge plus because I love the smell and the fact that it helps your belly be smoothe in a lot of ways. 

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  1. I love belly butters like this even post partum as they keep skin elastic as you loose the babyweight. I am lucky no stretch makrs but plenty of stretch LOL!