Baby Event 2015: Hippie Mommy Shop - Cloth Nursing Pads

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop Hippie Mommie Shop in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Do you plan on nursing your baby or are you looking for an alternative to using disposible nursing pads? Well, here's the shop you can turn to for cloth nursing pads and more!

I am due in early June and fully intend on nursing him. I found a shop on Etsy who is very nice and worked with me on a review of 2 sets of nursing pads for my Baby Event 2015! Her shop is known as Hippie Mommie Shop! I know I remember how annoying it was to leak and constantly have to change out my shirts or disposable nursing pads, even though I never even breastfed my other two children. I found that using cloth mama pads is a much healthier alternative for that time of the month, and I will be using cloth nursing pads for leaking while nursing. Check her shop out on Facebook to see what all is going on with her shop or any new products! This set of 2 nursing cloth pads are only $4.50 per pair! 

The good thing about that is that these once full can easily be tossed in the washing machine and be re-used, while disposables cannot! It's nice how products can change and one be re-used while the other cannot. These are adorable designs and prints, don't you think? I love them! Even though I've not had my baby yet there are times even only being 27 weeks almost that I occassionally leak, but not enough to really need a nursing pad yet of course. I did however try a set on so that I could accurately review these for the sponsor, and see how I liked the material she used with these. I love how soft they are and aren't itchy in any way. 

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