Baby Event 2015: Cassie Made It - 4 Pair of Cloth Nursing Pads

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy Shop known as Cassie Made It in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you going to be nursing or are nursing and need some cloth nursing pads? This shop has them!

I have never nursed my kids as babies, but did pump for the first 3 weeks of our son's life as he was preemie and spent the first 13 days of his life in the NICU due to breathing issues, so I didn't really make much use of having many nursing pads around really. Well, with this baby I fully intend to nurse and pump for him and since I have been using mama cloth pads, I thought to myself that I should try to find cloth nursing pads to use to save money on buying ones that you just toss once they're full. I found this really sweet Etsy shop known as Cassie Made It. You can buy the set of 4 nursing pads on her shop HERE! The set of 4 is only $10, so go stock up on these!

She has some nice cloth nursing pads and was nice enough to send me some for reviewing for my Baby Event 2015. I received a total of 8 nursing pads which equals 4 pairs. While I am not due until June 2, I still occassionally do have leaks but it's not much. I tried a pair of these out and they're bigger than I have seen and are 5 inches wide, but they fit very comfortably inside of a sports like bra (the type I have) for padded cloth comfort. She made these with a thicker material and will be doing PUL material for future nursing pads as well. 

The more padding and thickness in a nursing pad, the better. I remember with both my kids even though neither were nursed, how many nursing pads I went through until I finally stopped leaking milk. I had a big supply and now that I think about it, I wish I had pumped more milk but hey that will happen with this baby as I will be pumping a lot for night time feedings and to have saved for him if I choose to stop nursing later. 

These are very absorbent nursing pads and can hold a good bit of milk in them before you need to change them out. The really nice thing about cloth pads and nursing pads alike is that they are reusable, which means when you go to change them out, just toss them into the washing machine and wash on gentle, which is what I also wash my mama cloth pads on. 

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