5 Things I love about being a Mom

I am a mother of 2, soon to be 3 and love every minute of motherhood! It's hard to narrow it down to 5 things I love about being a mom, but this post is about those so keep reading.

Here are the 5 Things I love about being a Mom:

1. The smile on their face every morning when I get them up for school and wanting to spend time with their dad (my husband) and I before one of us takes them to the bus stop. They love school, which is great! It's nice hearing about how their day was when they get home.

2. Watching them grow into their own selves and learn more and more in school and telling me all about it when they're home. I love to read to them and our son reads to us sometimes too. They have a Book-It program associated with Pizza Hut and reading, so they love it!

3. They're very excited about being a big brother (again) and big sister, and always ask me to record his heartbeat when the home nurse comes over while they're in school. I've done it once for them so far.  It's really sweet to see them be so happy about a little brother and wanting to be able to help.

4. I have been blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom for the majority of my kids' lives, aside from 2 short term jobs as a cashier (2009 - 2010) and daycare worker (2013 - 2014). It's been great to see my kids grow from birth until 6 and 7 years old now. I was able to be there and see them do all of their "firsts" of milestones that moms anticipate in their kids lives, especially during their very first year.

5. During the summer, we enjoy going to the park and for walks. I love being able to just relax with our kids and not having to be on a particular schedule per-say, and to enjoy the week as a family. We love taking them to the park and watching them play. 


  1. Being a mom is amazing, isn't it? There are no words for it. To be able to help them learn and grow up into amazing people is unbelievable.

  2. I agree with you 100% on this post! Being a mom is the best!

  3. Motherhood is such a git! I love everything about being a mom ... even sleepless nights lol.. Smiles that melt my heart... unquenchable curiosity... hugs... kisses... more hugs and kisses... Oh how blessed I truly am!

  4. There are so many great things about being a mom that it is hard to narrow it down! One of my favorites is all the cuddling my boys love to do (ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2). I hope these days last a long, long time.

  5. It's awesome that your kids love school. My oldest was like that until this past year :)