Upcoming 28 Week Glucose Test - When did you get yours done?

Yes, we are talking about the lovely joys of the glucose test that is done at 28 weeks. I get mine next month. What are the ups and downs of having it done?

I had one with each of my kids, and now I get to do it again in about a month. Yes, the beloved super sweet drink and blood work! But hey, this time I have the option of drinking orange OR fruit punch, and considering I don't like much with an orange flavor I will be definitely going with the fruit punch. 

Which flavor would you prefer?

I know for me, I don't like getting blood drawn but know it's part of the process and considering I have to get a weekly Makena injection just to prevent preterm labor, I think I can get through this appointment with no problem! I have known so many people that failed their glucose test and had to go back to re-do a 3 hour test. I have not had to do that, thankfully. The doctor told me that for my glucose test, I don't need to fast beforehand. 

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  1. Congrats :) good luck on your test !!! I had to do twice with my kid.