My Reasons for being a Stay at Home Mom

You maybe asking yourself why be a stay at home mom. 

Well, I say why not be a stay at home mom? I have absolutely nothing against mothers working. 

Here are my reasons I have been a stay at home mom to my kids:

For the majority of my kids lives, I have been a stay at home mom. There were 2 years off and on total during 7 years of being a mother that I worked part of the year, because I needed to. My reason for being a stay at home mom is to have that time with them from baby age on up til they start school, to be there to see their firsts of everything, teach them all they need to know for school, potty train them, etc. It's a big blessing to be a stay at home mom.

My husband has always told me that when our kids were babies, he'd prefer for me to be a stay at home mom until they're in school then get a part time job. I never missed my kids first milestones, I was there to see them. From 18 months old on, I started teaching them a lot of what they needed to know for school, such as shapes, colors, ABCs, numbers, adding up to 10, coloring in the lines better, etc. I started them potty training at 18 months old, and our son was done by 2 1/2 years old, and our daughter was done by 2 years old. 

I have been an employee of a daycare, so I have nothing against daycares but if I could choose between working and staying at home with my kids until school age, I definitely would choose to be a stay at home mom like I have been. Daycares, if you are an employee there, will give you a nice discount for your kids to be there during the times you're working or after school if they're school age. 

But, if you don't work in a daycare the prices are very high at some places. So, ask yourself if it's really worth paying all that money to a daycare just so you can work, UNLESS you're a single mom and have no choice or financially you both need to work to make ends meet. I'm referring to some moms who get bored staying at home with their kids, because it's the same routine day in and day out. I've never been bored when I was staying at home with my kids, before they were school age. My kids are a little less than 10 months apart in age. My kids are both in school, but I'm due in the spring with our 3rd child so I will be a stay at home mom again, and it'll be nice because I can take all 3 to the park on a walk and enjoy our day.

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  1. I couldn't agree more!! I have been a SAHM for the majority of my kids' lives, but like you, I worked for about a year & then subbed at the school for about well, 4 years, but that was like 1-2 days a week tops! My daughter has NEVER been to a baby sitter, other than her grandparents & once with an aunt for my grandfathers funeral. I hated not being able to be around for some of my youngest son's firsts, because I was working! There are some times that I would like to take my daughter to day care at least once a day, so I could get stuff done for both my blog & my direct sales business, BUT then I remember it wouldn't be worth it because not long after dropping off, I'm almost certain I would get that call to come pick her up because she's screaming wanting her mommy! Lol.