Baby Event 2015: Ratticle Baby - Eat Local Breastfeeding Onesie

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Ratticle Baby in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you an expectant mom or a mom of a baby who breastfeeds? Well, this onesie would be perfect if you plan on nursing him or her and want others to know about it. 

That's right folks, there's a shop on Etsy known as Ratticle Baby who has a lot of awesome products that she is selling, and one of those is a onesie I wanted to get to review that says Eat Local, on it which has an imprint of a mother cradling her baby and nursing him or her. I fully plan to breastfeed this baby and thought it would be a cute onesie to have, as this is my first baby I will have nursed. My other two kids I didn't even really attempt at it really. Our state is one that has laws that protect the rights of breastfeeding mothers, and allow them to nurse in public whether they're using a cover or not. 

I have no idea on that as far as for myself yet, I haven't thought out that far, but I think it's really neat that she makes clothes for babies that support moms who nurse! I picked yellow, because it's a gender neutral color that will be fine to put on our son anytime, without any issues. It's a nice light yellow color, so it's not too bright or too light to put on a baby. Ratticle Baby sells a lot of pregnancy, nursing friendly clothing, as well as sibling sets too! This onesie sells for only $12.99 on her shop that can be found HERE! The size that I got for our soon to be son is a 0 - 6 months, so it'll fit him for awhile. She has a lot of different colors you can choose from when it comes to this onesie, so check her shop out and see what you can find that you like! 

The sizes that this onesie comes in are:
0 - 6 months
6 months 
12 months
18 months
24 months

The colors you can choose to get this onesie made in are:
light blue
kelly green

Feel free to like and follow her shop on Facebook to see what all she has going on there for her fans / followers!

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