Great Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained During The School Holidays

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The next school break may not be for a while, but it is a good idea to start planning ahead so that you have plenty of options to keep your kids entertained. Here are some of our favorite activities that will guarantee a fun-filled holiday for all the family.

Board games

When the weather is terrible, board games are a great way to keep the kids happy indoors. In advance of the holidays, take stock of all the board games you have at home. Some of them may have become redundant if vital components are missing. If you are low on options, consider purchasing a couple more (maybe keep this on the down-low or your children may want to get their mitts on them straight away). There are loads of modern and classic board games available, but if you are struggling, check out some reviews online.

A visit to the library

A trip to your local library is both fun and educational for the kids. Most libraries should have an area especially for young readers with plenty of age appropriate books and comfortable places to sit. This activity can give you some chill out time and the chance to catch up on your own reading. You may also want to encourage your kids to take one or two books home with them that they can enjoy throughout the school holidays.

Arts and crafts

Kids love getting up to their elbows in glue and glitter! If you haven’t got art supplies already, in advance of the holiday stock up on items like pens, paints, hot glue guns and whatever materials you think your kids will enjoy. They may enjoy the freedom to create whatever masterpiece they want with the materials. Or, you may prefer to work together on a particular project like a card for Grandma or a painting for their favorite teacher.

Visit the park

Even if the weather is on the cold side, a bit of fresh air does everyone the world of good, and it’s a family activity that will save you money. Take a walk to the park, spotting interesting wildlife or hop on your bikes for a full-on adventure. If the weather is bright, you may want to take along a picnic, or even just some bread to feed the birds. Also, take along equipment like balls, tennis rackets and frisbee for a fun and active day in the outdoors.


Another fun activity for the whole family is cooking. Decide on a recipe, perhaps a holiday treat like cupcakes or something healthier, for example, fruit and granola bars. Your kids will enjoy taking charge of the stirring, needing, molding. Anything that involves getting their hands on the mixture! While they are in the oven, pop on a film and wait together for your first bite of your tasty treats.

These are just a few of the many activities that will keep your kids, and you, entertained during the holidays. Just remember to plan ahead, so you don’t end up with grumpy, bored little ones.

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