Nursing in Public - For it or Against it?

This is one that I have been doing a lot of research on since I found out I was pregnant in early October, so I will explain my thoughts below! What's your thought on the topic?

I have always been for nursing as a general topic, because it's feeding your baby / child, but I was always offended when I'd see a mother in public nursing without a cover or something simple like that. 

Now that I've done research and talked with other mothers whether it's online or from my home state that I know personally, I have come to the conclusion that I don't mind if mothers nurse in public with OR without a cover because it's natural to nurse a baby to feed him or her. Not all moms want to feed their child formula. 

Babies don't always like to have something over their heads, especially while eating. I mean, do you blame them? I know I wouldn't like eating food under a blanket. When we went to our first WIC appointment in mid to late October, I noticed that the state we live in has made it a LAW where no one can discriminate against nursing mothers or mothers nursing in public with OR without a cover, so that shows you that police officials and other people in authority are helping it become a less taboo topic as it should be. 

It shouldn't have to be something you need to hide to do - you're just feeding your child the natural way that God meant you to do, so why should you have to cover just to make someone else comfortable? There's nothing sexual about breastfeeding, whether it's in public or at home. Men have made such issue about it, but in reality it's a natural thing for mothers to do - bonding with their baby and feeding them. It's no different than feeding a baby from a bottle, except the milk is natural, not formula.

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