Do your kids believe in Santa?

Santa Santa Santa, that is the question of the day... 

My kids are 6 and 7, and the only way they know about Santa is because of movies they have watched with him in it. We don't really do the "Santa thing", besides a picture with him, and making cookies with milk on Christmas Eve night for him. 

They say stuff like be good so Santa gets you stuff, but they know that the presents are all from Mom / Dad / Grandparents. I never grew up with Santa, so it isn't a deal breaker to teach kids about him when he's not the reason to celebrate Christmas, but if they want to think he delivers gifts then they can, but I don't say yes or no about it because they know we're the ones who give them gifts, as we don't do "Santa gifts". 

They of course know the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birth and the meaning around the nativity scene. We go to church and also go on Christmas Eve as well. I love Christmas Eve services and singing Christmas songs all December long. 


  1. My husband's youngest has Santa in her life. As a stepmother, I don't get a say so I just close my mouth. I am against teaching kids about Santa and I did not grow up with it. Jesus was actually born in October and the origins of Christmas and Santa are pagan (from the Romans). Anyway, I look forward to her growing out of it, but my husband and I are prepared to be devastated when she finds out the truth. And I'll be devastated that by lying to her, I added to her hurt. :(

  2. Yeah, I have heard He was born in another month aside from December as well but as a whole we still celebrate Christmas being about Christ. Santa, we do picture sometimes whether it's Walmart, parade, or mall. And they enjoy the idea of cookies and milk on Christmas Eve night for him. All of their presents are from each other or Mom / Dad, not Santa gifts. They only know of Santa really from Christmas movies that we own. They don't over do it by any means, they tell the difference between Santa on movies vs one at mall and at a parade, vs a clearly fake Santa dressed up without me saying a word about it.