Baby Food - What age do you begin baby foods?

A lot of moms on Facebook and all over will argue with you til they are blue in the face on this topic, which is why I usually avoid or just ignore the posts but thought it may spark some conversations with moms on my blog who have young kids.

We started our kids on baby foods around 4 months old, and they did perfectly fine and loved the foods by spoon. A lot of parents will tell you to RESEARCH, when all you need to use is your own common sense as a mother or father to know if your baby is ready to try out baby food or not. 

If I remember right, we tried out fruits as well as green vegetables first to get them use to foods. You don't want to do citrus like foods until later such as orange flavors or applesauce, but other than that if the child seems to like the food and does well eating it, then you're likely fine to continue with that food and similar types. 

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