Double Duty Divas Camapgin: Cascade Platinum Party Post #2

*Disclaimer - This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

I was given a party pack of 21 Cascade Platinum packs as well as a small box of Rinse Aid for my party with the amazing website for campaigns known as Double Duty Divas. I have to follow specific instructions for the campaign when it comes to baking, washing, and the good things like that! The recipes that I am given for this campaign post are ultra starchy, tough food cleaning dishes, with my guests. 

For my second (final) post for this campaign, I made French Toast but am making it the way I know how to do so and used the dish that was given to me by Double Duty Divas to serve the food in and leave it out for 24 hours prior to washing, and this once again will NOT be pre-washed. In order to really show you the REAL results of the Cascade Platinum's 24 hour tough food cleaning, I was asked to make the French Toast for my guests.

As part of this campaign, I had to skip the pre-wash because Cascade Platinum actually works the best when the food soil is left directly on the dishes as with the previous post for the same campaign. 

The ultimate goal of this program is to show how truly clean the dishes are every single time! I have used a few different Cascade products for dishwasher, but the Cascade Platinum definitely works much better for my dishes. 

I loaded my dishes into the dishwasher according to the instructions that I was given, and I added the Cascade Platinum as well as the Rinse Aid, and let the dishwasher run its normal course while my friends / family were still at our home for the party, so that they could see how Cascade Platinum really does work at the end of the washing cycle.

Feel free to try out Cascade Platinum for yourself and after you do that, go to the Cascade Clean Review and use the hashtag #cascadeshiningreviews for a CHANCE TO WIN a prize pack!

Have an opinion to share? Head to the Cascade website to leave a short review of Cascade Platinum ( including #CascadeShiningReviews. One reviewer will win a Kitchen Aid Dishwasher!

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