Olive Garden: Never Ending Pasta Bowl

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card from Olive Garden to post about their meal they have going on.

What time is it??? The never ending pasta bowl is BACK at Olive Garden!

I have always been a huge fan of Olive Garden and have worked with them a couple of times in the past year or so, and love their food so much. This time is no different. Of course, we get a lot for what we pay for as you get the never ending pasta bowl meal starting at only $9.99 at Olive Garden, which is an awesome deal for a family of 4 such as ours. We get our money's worth for sure, and our kids always enjoy the amazing breadsticks they have to offer. My absolute favorite soup that they have is called chicken gnochhi and it's the best one they have in my opinion. My favorite pasta that they have is of course the five cheese ziti, and if you've made baked ziti at home this is A LOT better than that for sure with the cheeses and sauces that they use. You definitely never leave the place hungry. I am always full after eating there. They do have some great selections of desserts to choose from too.

Everyone deserves a nice dinner and to eat without breaking your wallet, so head out and take your family to the amazing Olive Garden where you can enjoy a great meal of the never ending pasta bowl for price starting at only $9.99! You cannot beat that anywhere else! 

You maybe asking yourself, what pasta do they offer with this deal?
- Spaghetti 
- Angel Hair
- Fettuccine 
- Penne
- Cavatappi
- Whole Wheat Liguine 

Of course sauces are available to choose from too:
- NEW! Spicy Three Meat
- NEW! Roasted Mushroom Alfredo
- Marinara
- Alfredo
- Five Cheese Marinara
- Meat Sauce

For an additional price, you can choose your topping:
- NEW! Shrimp Fritta
- NEW! Chicken Fritta
- Italian Sausage
- Meatballs

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