#Back to School: My kids first week at school!

Yes, I know it's that time of the year again - SCHOOL! My kids were so excited to start kindergarten and first grade, and couldn't wait to ride the school bus again for our son and first time for our daughter. They started the school year on August 25 in Virginia and we moved to PA on August 29, so they are now at a new school but have all their summer park friends back, and are happy about it! 

Up until August 29, I was working at the daycare they went to, so after school I didn't see them until after my shift was over most of the time. It's nice being able to take them to the bus stop and pick them up to walk them home too. We live right up the street from where they get on the school bus, so it's nice. They changed it a little bit to be a tad bit closer for parents but in the same vicinity. 

Since we moved, the school they were at had to fax their information so they could start as soon as possible here. The teacher for our son, sent home a lot of papers and some of them were ones that she had been doing over the past week with his class, so I helped him work on some of them and turn them in just so we can be sure that he is on the right track with what they are working on. We'll be doing some more of the papers tonight as well and send them back in.

Have your kids gone back to school yet? If so, what grade are they in?

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