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*Disclaimer - I am receiving payment for writing this post from Frame Wraps. Some of the information in this post is pre-written. 

Frame Wraps Stretchable Wall Art is a US Patent Pending product made from beautiful stretch fabrics that work like a slipcover to wrap over a frame in seconds, creating great wall decor instantly. We even have sizes that wrap over standard pizza boxes…recycle and reuse! Here is how it works! It's pretty cool if you think about it how one fabric can stretch over a frame like that. It's quite fascinating if you ask me. I love looking at new designs for houses, I just wish we owned the home we live in so that we could re-decorate the entire place to make it more home like for our family. Maybe someday when we're able to purchase a home I will be able to do that. 

Here's some helpful information about their products:

- Wraps onto a frame so without any additional attachment, swap your style often

- Available in standard frame sizes sold in stores and already in your home or office

- Hundreds of designs, all under $20 - redecorate even on a tight budget

Frame Wraps are very popular with Home Staging professionals.  We also carry simple, snap together frames on our website. Frame Wraps has a lot of pretty designs to choose from. 

Our company is just under 3 months old – join the over 5K people who have visited our website, or become part of our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest community. Frame Wraps have just been filmed for a new segment on the DIY Network Program “I Want That!” to air later in 2014. How awesome is that? You will have to see it for yourself and tell all of your friends, especially those who love new designs and frames. How do you stretch fabric on a frame you ask? Well, you can find out more about their company and how, here! I know that a lot of friends who ask about decorating a new house they have just purchased would very much so benefit from the awesome designs that they have available on their website. 

Follow them on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter for more updates on new designs as they may get them!

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