Father's Day: Build a Bear - Military Bear and Dad Puppy

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Build a Bear in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Build a Bear Workshop is one of my number one favorite companies to work with on reviews. They have awesome customer service and truly care about their quality of service, and they have fun animals to choose from!

I decided that my daughter would like the cute paperback pup as she likes dogs for a Father's Day review item. This pup is only $18 without the outfit as they're extra to buy. Her pup came in the mail with a "Dad, You Rock!" t-shirt on, jeans, and a pair of white shoes on. My daughter loves to re-dress the animals she gets from Build a Bear and the same goes for this one. This pup is so soft to the touch!

I decided that even though our family isn't military to choose the camo bear that is only $20 without the outfit or dog tags as they're extra for you to buy. Mine came in the mail with a dog tag, shirt, pants, and boots on. This would be the perfect gift for a child who has a father who is deployed or even just a father who serves in the military. What a great gift to give as we just finished honoring Memorial Day and have Independence Day coming up in July. 

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