Delta Children's Products: Mickey Mouse Table and Chair Set

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Delta Children in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Have you ever wondered what brand of baby and children's furniture you should buy for your child that is truly a high quality product? Look no further, because you will find a lot of amazing baby cribs, dressers, children's table/chair sets, and more with Delta Children. I love their cribs as they're very high quality and truly great for babies. 

I cannot say anything better about this table and chair set that we received from the awesome company, Delta Children's Products. They have very high quality products on their website as well as in the store for babies and kids alike. I highly recommend this Mickey Mouse Table and Chair Set to anyone with children between the ages of 16 months - 5 years old or so. My daughter is 5 and my son is 6, and my son is a bit tall for the chair, but fits in it pretty well as you can see and he's tall for his age. It is very well made and built with a sturdy frame for durability. 

Assembled Dimensions:
- 19.50" (W) x 19.50" (D) x 16.50" (H)

- The size of the table as well as the chairs is perfect to fit in a child's room or even in the kitchen beside a dining table, just for the kids to enjoy a nice meal by themselves or even to just do crafts or homework on.

What the best uses for this table set are:
- It makes a great table for doing homework on or general writing for kids. My son spent an hour just coloring and writing on the table and did really well.
- It makes a great dining table for kids to eat on. They can have their own meals at the table
- The middle of the table is removable to be able to add some small kids toys in there and close it up if you want. My son put a handful of Hot Wheel cars in there and my daughter put a My Little Pony in there.

How to put the table and chairs together:
The legs are easy to put in the bottom of the table as you just use your hands and screw them into place by rotating them into position where they click into place. The chairs can be put in place one of two ways; either by simply just sliding the back piece into the middle hole of the chair or by using a screwdriver and  putting the screws that are included in this set into the back of the chair where the back piece slides in.

The design of the table and chair set:
We received the Mickey Mouse Table and Chair Set and I absolutely love how colorful and bright it is. My kids love Disney Junior's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so this was the perfect choice for them to get for a review item. They enjoy everything about the set as much as I do. I love how well made the set is with the painting. It's nice and smooth to the touch, with no blemishes to be seen. The characters on the chairs are of course of Mickey Mouse, and the table has Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, balloons, and of course the clubhouse on it.

The durability of the table:
As you know, this table and chair set isn't like most as it has a removable middle piece to make room for small toys that will fit inside of it. The table is very well made and painted, as my son has a lot of Hot Wheel cars and rolls them over the table a lot and it doesn't damage it in anyway or chip the paint. I highly recommend this table and chair set for kids who love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 


  1. OK - this really is a good set up. I like the style of the chairs and the removable space for toys is ingenious! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is the cutest! I love the center compartment for the toys.

    Michelle F.

  3. What a cute table. I have always loved bright primary colors anyway. I love that hidden storage too.