Sandgrens Clogs: New York Low Clog Boots

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this review from Sandgrens Clogs in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

I absolutely love the products that Sandgrens Clogs has to offer on their website. They're always very comfortable to wear and their customer service is great. I love a good pair of clogs and it's even better now that they made them into stylish boots.

All about the New York Low Clog Boots received:
My favorite thing about the company Sandgrens Clogs is that their customer service is excellent and they're quick to reply to emails with any questions that you may have. They let you know if the shoes run big, small, or tight before you get them shipped. I have nothing but positive things to say about their company as a whole. This is my second time working with them, and I hope to continue to do so throughout the year. My family is one that has always worn clogs in one form or another, so when I found Sandgrens Clogs, I jumped at the opportunity to contact them. Clogs are great shoes as a whole and are high quality in the way they're made, feel, and the satisfaction you get out of wearing them for a long time to come.

I absolutely love the pair of New York low clog boots I received from Sandgrens Clogs. They are very stylish in their appearance and are very high quality. They have a low heel to them, but aren't too high up to be able to walk comfortably in. The price of these boots is $279 and while that may seem like a high price for shoes, if you want a great quality style of wooden boots that will go with just about any outfit / pants / jeans, then buy them! I love these boots and highly recommend them to anyone who wants a stylish pair of boots. The outside of the entire boot is black, with a silver zipper on one side of them, and of course the bottom area of the low heel is tan as it's wooden. 

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