My daughter's Claire's ear piercing experience

All about our experience with Claire's ear piercing:
My husband and I took our daughter who is 5 to Claire's in our local mall to get her ears pierced and the piercer is a friend of mine from church. She has been asking a lot for the past 3 months or so if she can get her ears pierced, so she can wear pretty earrings. Finally, we agreed that it was fine to go get them pierced on a weekend. She had been asking me all week when it's Saturday, and finally I told her on Friday that tomorrow is Saturday and her haircut and pierced ears day! She was happy all day and excited for Daddy to get off of work, so we could go. 

First, we took her to Super Cuts to get a haircut, and then headed to the mall. She cried a little bit at first reaction to it going in her ears, but she stopped soon after, and we got her and her brother some Dippin Dots ice cream downstairs. Due to her dad and I both being allergic to surgical steel piercings for me and rings for him, we decided to be on the safe side we'd get her 14 kg pink earrings. They were more pricey, but she LOVES them! Of course, we cleaned them last night and twisted the backs of the earring, and then from today on out I will be cleaning the earrings and twisting the back three times a day for 6 - 8 weeks, and then you have to keep some sort of post / earring in for at least 6 months to be sure they won't close up or anything.

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