Our Valentines Day 2014 fun

As you know, I am separated so I didn't think I'd do much of anything for Valentine's Day but for my kids of course. I decided to go to the store and while I was there to get my kids and I some groceries I got 1 stem rose each for my son / daughter, sister, mom, and myself. They are very pretty and is appreciated by all. I love the smell of roses and wanted to treat us.

What fun things do you and your family do for Valentine's Day if you celebrate it?


  1. I think it's great to celebrate the day with your kids and the ones you love! I don't do much for Valentines Day, but the kids sure love the parties at school! :-)

  2. It's very nice of you to spread the love on Valentine's Day! We don't usually do a whole lot for Valentine's day. One thing we make sure to get is some chocolates!! :)

  3. Too bad for my son's school party - we got a lot of snow like 20" of it and Thursday they got out 2 hours early and Friday they were off, so his teacher said they will be doing the Valentine's party soon.

    Oh yes I love chocolate on Valentines Day too! :)

  4. We did NOTHING this year for V-day! I usually buys gifts, bake a heart cake, and some other fun stuff, but we were crazy busy this year. So here we sit with pizza and each other. And it is enough=)