Christmas Guide: Pacific Coast - Down Comforter & Down Pillow

*Disclaimer - *Disclaimer - This review is part of my Christmas guide 2013 and I was provided with a down comforter and pillow from the company Pacific Coast in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% that of my own. 

My review of the Down Pillow:
The pillow I received from the amazing company called Pacific Coast is so beyond the word comfortable! I love down products and was absolutely thrilled when I got a yes to review the pillow. I have been looking for a good down pillow for a few years that would be a good fit for my sleeping needs, and found the perfect one! This duck feather pillow  is very soft and is a Standard size and is semi- firm but fluffy to the touch. Its price is $99 and up, on their website and is well worth the money. Down pillows are great to have and will ensure a good night's sleep for you. This pillow won't shift away from your head, and provides an all night's sleep support. I am very happy with this pillow and highly recommend it to anyone who has been searching for a duck feather down pillow to use. 

My review of the Down Comforter:
This comforter is so warm and comfortable to sleep on / under. I would recommend it more for the winter time as it's going to warm you up pretty quickly, but this is a great down comforter to get to keep you warm at night. It's very soft to the touch. I have always wanted to have a down comforter for my bed, but never was able to. I am very happy that I am able to work with Pacific Coast on a review for my Christmas Guide 2013. These are very high quality products and I highly recommend both the down pillow as well as the comforter. They'd make a great gift for family or yourself. It isn't too heay, but is pretty fluffy to the touch and is very warm, so if you tend to get cold at night, bundle up with this and you'll be good!

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