Halloween: Build a Bear fun!

*Disclaimer - I received 2 free animals with outfits from Build a Bear in the store in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own. 

Our fun experience for my Halloween review at Build a Bear with my kids:
We had a blast at Build a Bear and they absolutely love the in store experience we get while doing our review. The staff is very friendly and upbeat in helping us with what we need to get started and showing us all the cool stuff we can get with the animals. Our store is a pretty nice sized one in our mall, so they have lots of room.

They built their own black cat (my daughter) and bunny (my son) on this Halloween review we got to do. They stuffed it and gave it a heart of love, and dressed them, bathed them, and named them! The black cat's name is Midnight and the brown bunny's name is Jake. As you know, Build a Bear has so many outfits, shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts/shoes to choose from, so as you can imagine it takes kids awhile to decide which one they want to get for them. They finally chose which one, and the cat got a cute tri color skirt with a shirt, and shoes, while the bunny got Spongebob shorts, beach shirt, pair of glasses, and shoes.

Cat - $16 without any outfits
Bunny - $15 without any outfits

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  1. we love buildabear I have to get my 6 year old a bear my step kids have one I have one now it will be time to get her one for her bday in April I love the heart they put in the bear I also love that for a few extra dollars I can have my voice in her teddy bear although a tad creepy. Hubby made me one with his voice for a anniversary gift we have tradition every year we make each other gifts. Your little ones bears are cute