Giving the Best to Your Baby through Breastfeeding #NationalBreastfeedingWeek

As you may know, this week is known as National Breastfeeding Week and is being posted all over social media. 

I wanted to write a post in hopes of encouraging other moms to push through the hard first few weeks and succeed. It DOES get much easier and becomes a daily routine for you. Our daughter loves to be in my Ergo Adapt carrier, and I finally figured out how to nurse in it so that makes being out and about easier if she needs fed.

Whether this is your first, second, or fifth baby being breastfed, be PROUD that you are nurturing him or her with your milk and making baby nice and strong/healthy. I am very happy I chose to nurse our younger two children. 

It makes life in general easier with no worries of making a bottle, being on a schedule, etc. She is nursed on demand and so was our now two year old til he weaned at 14 months old. In our county, I have not seen many people AT ALL nurse and I know it's not just me because it's not a big priority around here. 

So many people just choose formula (which is fine for them) without even researching benefits of nursing. I did that with our older two - I did not attempt to nurse but once with them, which is fine - they are healthy 8 and 9 year olds now. 

At my WIC appointment yesterday, for our toddler as well as me I was told it was National Breastfeeding Week (which I already knew), and that they have two small gifts for me as a nursing mom. I was so excited, because it's encouraging as a nursing mom knowing hard work is appreciated in general. 

Here are the two gifts I received and if you have an appt, feel free to ask:

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