Get the Vehicle You Need for a Larger Family

About a month or so before our youngest who is almost 21 months now was born, we decided that we NEEDED to get an SUV to be able to fit a rear facing carseat, as well as two booster seats, and us of course. 

We absolutely love our 2001 Yukon and it fits everyone's car seat in it easily with no issue, and it seats a total of eight people, so there's even room to spare! We bought our Yukon used from someone, so we did cash upfront for value they wanted for it. 

Now, we have four kids so it's a good thing we bought it when we did. Now, it fits comfortably two rear facing seats and two booster seats which is great! When my family comes to town, we can easily fit everyone in there which is nice. I love how it drives even on longer drives. 

We drove from PA to Williamsburg, Virginia which is a 6 1/2 - 7 hour drive back in November for Thanksgiving and it did really well. It's much better with traveling trips than our old truck was that's for sure.

Our kids are active in scouts, but mainly for Cub Scouts having a big vehicle is very useful to have as my husband is the cub scout leader for our son's group. It helps for when they plan outings and such where he could help take multiple kids to specific places. 

What type of vehicle does your family have?

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