Think you can't afford a vacation? Check Out These Six Suggestions

A lot of people think they can’t go on a vacation because they could never afford it. This article isn’t here to present you with magical solutions to such a problem. It is, admittedly, much more suited to solo or small-group travelers.

What this article does do is present some options you may not have considered. Here they are!

Cheap locations
Are you dying to just get out of your own country without much care for where exactly you’re going? Then you may want to look into countries that are actually really cheap to stay in. In fact, some of them are popular vacation spots that you should definitely check out anyway! Bolivia, Thailand, Colombia, and Prague are among the cheapest vacation destinations out there. But if you’re in America and don’t feel like flying overseas, remember that cheap vacations to other states are also on the table.

Vacation rentals
So what makes vacations so expensive? We tend to think a lot about the immediate costs of flying. But what about the costs of actually staying there? You have to book a hotel, then go out for all your meals, that sort of thing. But even expensive cities can be made affordable if you play your cards right. Choose your ideal New York City vacation rentals, for example, and you can often save money against hotel expenses. It also allows you to cook your own meals, which ensures value and quality!

The less-travelled path
Another thing that is darn expensive about vacations: the attractions! The places that bring in heavy tourism often cost quite a lot. They charge extortionate fees because they know these attractions are seen as the most famous places of a given place. But if you step off the beaten tracks and find some more low-key attractions and locations, you can usually save a bunch of money. Plus, you won’t be surrounded by (fellow) tourists!

Travelling on credit
If you really want to get away somewhere, there’s always the option of buying a vacation using your credit card. This has been seen as a very reasonable way of getting to see the world while you’re young. It does, of course, involve the use of credit, which doesn’t always make the budding traveller comfortable. You have to be pretty confident that you can pay all that money back. Consider saving up most of the required money before using a credit card; that way, you can ensure you’re able to pay the credit back over time.

Considering a travel agent
For some, this might seem like an odd suggestion. After all, a travel agent costs money. Aren’t these agents just for rich people who can’t be bothered to tailor their own holidays? Well, sure, that is certainly the case for some. But travel agents can also use their various connections to get you discounts and cheap getaways. It is, in fact, the reason for existence in the first place. Consider this option!


If you want to travel on a budget, then it’s important that you remain flexible. It’s possible to get cheap vacations pretty much anywhere you could possible desire. But getting the really cheap deals usually means making a number of concessions. You’ll have to take flights with stopovers, or perhaps even stay in hotels. Still, a good vacation can definitely make those sorts of things worth it.


  1. Great tips. Travel agents are hard to come by now a days since everything can be done on the Internet.

  2. These are all great tips. Traveling can be really expensive unless we do proper planning and research. If I had my way, I would choose places that are not tourist spots. I would love nature treks and beaches instead.