Here Are Some Entertainment Ideas if Your Child is Having Friends Over

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Are you looking for some fun activities for your kids?

The kids will be having people over to the house as they get older. And it’s important not to cramp their style! But, at the same time, you need to be able to offer them plenty of things to see and do. That means you have to come up with ideas that will prove attractive to the kids. Remember, you are hosting, and, as the parent, it will be up to you to sort out anything the kids want to do.

So, it’s useful to come up with a list of possible entertainment ideas for the children . It’s good to have an array of things that could be done both indoors and outdoors. Also, don’t forget that you are responsible for your children's friends who come over. And you need to bear this in mind when you offer them ideas for things to do. Here is a list of just some of the things that might be good for them to have a go at.

The simplest thing to do would be to sit the kids down in front of the TV and let them watch movies. This is a great way of keeping them busy and out of trouble. They will no doubt have some favourites that they will want to revisit time and again. If the kids are a little older, you might need to make sure you oversee what they watch and make sure it’s suitable. Having movie marathons  is a fun exercise among children. But it needs to be properly monitored to ensure they are having a good time, and watching things they should be watching.


Video Games
Another popular option is going to be video games. These have grown in popularity over the years, and the industry is now huge. Your child will probably have some sort of gaming device or console. This provides a great opportunity for the children to play video games with and against one another. Again, you might want to monitor the sort of games they’re playing, but make sure you don’t overcrowd. Video games are a good way to keep kids out of trouble, but you might decide you want to limit the amount of time they spend gaming.

Garden Fun
Let’s be honest, you probably don’t want the children to be cooped up all day looking at a screen. What parent would?! And that’s why you’ve got to make sure you give them things to do outside as well as inside. The garden holds so many possibilities for kids, and there are so many things the children can do outside. So, it’s necessary to consider what your garden can offer them. If you have a large garden there are so many different things the kids could do. A smaller garden might be a little more difficult, but there’s always the local park if needed as well.


Children like to be active so they don’t get bored. Yes, they enjoy playing computer games as well. But they need to let off steam and actually do something active. Swimming is an excellent choice because you can do it in any weather. If the weather outside is miserable you might want to take the kids to the local leisure centre to go swimming . This is something that you should check with them first, of course. But, it’s a good idea, and one you need to make sure you consider. Bear in mind that you will need to make sure all the children can swim. And you’re going to have to be responsible for the children when they are in the pool as well.

Crafty Bits!
Sometimes it will be necessary to find bits and pieces to do around the house that don’t involve screens. Trying to encourage kids these days to put technology to one side and do something fruitful can be a tough ask! And that’s why you need to give them opportunity. Arts and crafts are excellent ways for the children to get creative and make things. Just make sure you have all the supplies for them to use. This means making sure you have low & high tack adhesive glue dots, paper, card, scissors and many other bits. You need to oversee what the children are doing, but they have a great opportunity to come up with something great.

Supervised Baking
It’s often good to try to mix things up a bit and to give the kids experiences they might not get at home. That’s why it’s good to teach them things like baking. You will have to supervise, of course, but, it’s important to try to teach them new life skills. Baking is something that can be fun and fulfilling for everyone, and there’s a reward at the end of it. Choose something like muffins, cookies, or cupcakes. Ask the children if they want to make any of these things and help them to do it. It’s a great way to kill a few hours during the day, and they will have a great time as well.

Board Games
There are other ways you can help entertain the kids at home as well. Why not think about breaking out the board games  and helping them to play one. There are a lot of board games out there especially made for kids. And they can provide hours of fun and excitement for all the children. You could even introduce them to a classic board game that you used to play when you were a kid. Board games are an excellent alternative form of fun to playing on video games and technology. So, it’s important to introduce them to these games as often as you can.
Your children might be at that age where they start having friends over. This is an important time for them, and for you as the parent. They are just beginning to develop friendships, and many of them will last a long time. So, it’s important to think about entertainment ideas you can offer and provide to make sure they have a good experience. Use the suggestions on this post to help you do that as well as you can.

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  1. These are all great ideas! Crafts are always fun with a group of friends.