Birthday Event: Martin's Food Market

*Disclaimer - I received a package of goodies and gift cards from Martin's Food Market in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Do you have a Martin's Food Market by you and are planning a birthday party? They have the foods you'll need for any party!

My family came to visit last weekend, so a friend and I went to our local Martin's Food Market about 30 miles away to use the gift cards that were sent to me to use for our daughter's birthday. Her birthday is not until mid October, but since my sister will not be able to come back for her birthday, I got the foods to celebrate it early so she was here to do so. The snacks in the photo below will be great at her birthday party in mid October, and I know it will be a big hit!

I had only been in Martin's once aside from this trip there, and I really like the way that the store is set up, and is nice and open and easy to find everything, and most of all - great prices.

The platter that I ordered was boneless chicken wings and ranch dressing, but it ended up being BBQ sauce and I didn't realize that til we got home, but it was really good BBQ sauce. I got the medium size platter, and the flavors of chicken wings I received were: Barbeque, Homestyle, and General Tso. The homestyle and general tso were my favorites. I love sweet and plain flavored wings. We just heated these up in the microwave. The price of this platter was $29.99 and serves 8 - 10 people. This platter can be found HERE! 

I called Martin's to inquire about how to order a cake and chicken wing platter. They told me that I could do so over the phone and pick it up at the store, and then pay at the check out line with the gift cards. I ordered from their Great Entertaining section of their website, from the phone. The cake that I ordered was a half sheet, with half chocolate and half vanilla cake, and had whipped icing and her name on it. The price of this was $27.99 and can be found HERE! It was delicious, and a week later we're still eating the last of it!

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