4 Things You Didn’t Know Are Destroying Your Skin

4 Things You Didn’t Know Are Destroying Your Skin
By Aurora McCausland

When it comes to your skin, you’re willing to try any advice that comes along that seems like
it may be good advice. You want glowing, radiant skin, and we all seem to be in constant
pursuit of that.

There are countless ways to improve your skin, and unfortunately, just as many ways to completely wreck your skin. If you’re not sure what the cause of your latest breakout is, read on for a few things that you didn’t know are destroying your skin.

Exfoliating too often
Exfoliation is good! It helps you slough away that top layer of dead skin that is getting in the
way of your living skin breathing and thriving. However, there is such a thing as too much of
a good thing, and it definitely applies to exfoliation. You want to use an exfoliant 1-2 times a
week, as needed. It’s there to clear out your pores and cleanse your skin. By exfoliating more often, even daily, you
are irritating your skin and cutting it open. This rearranges bacteria and results in dry skin
and acne.

Take a look at what you’re exfoliating with! If it’s something that has a bunch of little
microbeads, you need to toss that straight into the trash. You exfoliant should be fine. We
recommend a microdermabrasion solution that comes as a powder. You mix a small amount
of this powder with water to make a paste, and use this to exfoliate. And again, exfoliate once
to twice a week, maximum.

The way you sleep affects your skin
Sleep is probably more important than you realize. While you sleep, your body rejuvenates
and replaces cells. Your body and brain does more work while you’re sleeping than you do
while you’re awake. The amount of sleep you are getting is crucial to your skincare routine.
The recommended 8 nightly hours of sleep really is the amount of sleep that you should be
striving for on a nightly basis.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Another sleep-related issue we see pretty often is that people aren’t changing out their
pillowcases often enough! Your skin is rubbing up on that pillow all night long, and it is dirty.
You’ve got a hotbed of bacteria in your bed, and you’re inviting all of that into your pores
when you don’t wash your pillowcase and bedding often enough. Swap out and clean that pillowcase once a week to
ensure that it’s fresh and your skin can breathe!

Diet is more important than you realize
Have you ever noticed that some certain areas of your face are more prone to breakouts than
other areas? The reasoning for this lies within something called skin mapping. What is skin
mapping? Essentially, it’s a way to determine what is causing you skin problems, based off of
where on your face it is that you’re having problems.

Forehead - Digestive System
Above your eyebrows - Immune System
Between your eyebrows - Liver
Cheeks - Respiratory System
Chin - Stomach issues
Jaw and jawline - Hormones

Being able to pinpoint where you acne is, will help you address the underlying issue that is
contributing to your skin woes. Diet isn’t the only factor going into your acne, as it can also be
due to the products you’re using and environmental factors, but it’s an important place to

Buying products not designed for your skin type
Is your skin dry and flaky? Or does it more resemble an oil slick? Understanding your skin is
so important. It’s almost like you have to develop a sixth sense in order to decipher what is
going on with your skin. A great starting place is to examine the products that you are using
on your skin. If you have dry skin, you’ll need high quality products that will restore moisture to your skin,
keeping everything hydrated and youthful. If you’re on the opposite end, with oily skin, you’ll
need to use products that will balance out this oil to leave you with a matte finish. 

There are skin types all between these two, as well. Sensitive and combination are a few others! We recommend visiting a
dermatologist if you feel lost and unsure of what to do.

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