How To Arrange A Last Minute Vacation

Are you wanting last minute vacation arrangements?

The idea of jetting off to the beach on a whim is something we all dream about. Most of us don’t do it because it seems impractical – what about commitments like work and the kids and where will the money come from? However, this isn’t necessarily true. Here’s how you might be able to make the most of a last minute vacation.

Book time off work in advance

Many of us have to book off our holiday in advance, which can be a big obstacle. Find out what the minimum amount of weeks you can give in advance is and book that time off. You don’t have to book the holiday itself until the week before (this will allow you to then shop for last minute deals!).

Or make it a weekend trip

A weekend trip could be another option. Even if you’re only getting away for two days, you might still be able to get some sun and you won’t have to book any time off work allowing you to do it more spontaneously. As it will only be a weekend trip, you may want to keep the destination local to avoid spending all your time driving or on a plane. Aim to go on the Friday evening to make the most of your holiday – if you can wangle the Friday afternoon off work last minute that could be a bonus.

Make the most of last minute deals

Without the time to save up, you may wonder how you can afford a last minute holiday. However last minute deals can be very cheap. Hotels may be looking to book up rooms fast that may have gone empty due to a cancellation, whilst flights will be wanting to quickly book up seats. You end up paying half what you might usually pay for a vacation were it planned in advance. Last minute deals in winter can be especially good – booking last minute allows you to check the weather so that you can guarantee sun.

Consider borrowing some money

Borrowing some money might allow you to take advantage of these last minute deals, even if it’s just to pay off a contribution of the vacation. Various loans can offer you advance cash so that you don’t have to wait until payday. You could even consider paying some of it off on credit card. Avoid borrowing too much as hefty loan repayments could cause you to regret your holiday once it’s over.  

Be careful taking kids out of school

In some states, schools may fine you for taking kids out of school in term time. Others may have a minimum warning notice period. You could always do a last minute vacation out of term time (although it will be more expensive). Alternatively, you could wait until there’s an inset day and take an extended weekend – other schools won’t be having inset days at the same time and so you’ll still be able to take advantage of off-peak last minute deals.  

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