Introducing Buzz Wing and Thrillipede Skylanders by Activision

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Activision, in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Our son loves Playstation games, and is thrilled to get two more Skylanders to add to his collection!

Action figures are always a fun thing for kids to have around the house to play with, right? Well, more so for Skylanders figures in this house! These go hand in hand with Playstation 3 games for Skylanders. They work to play these characters IN the game he's playing on the PS 3. Now, that's pretty cool, wouldn't you say?

Our oldest is 8 and absolutely loves his Skylanders that Activision sends us to review. Activision has so many different products to choose from, and these are a nice touch for kids to enjoy! These are the two newest additions to the Skylanders family. Let me tell you about these guys. 

Part of the Skylanders SuperChargers is the newest toys available, called Buzz Wing which is the one on the right, and Thrillipede which is the one on the left. These like I mentioned in the beginning go hand in hand with PS 3 games for Skylanders, and that's exactly what he does with them; adding more and more characters as he gets more of them. He has about 15 now or more even. He keeps them stored with our family PS 3 gaming system, with his Skylanders SuperChargers game.

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