The Latest Trailer for The BFG is Finally Here!!

The highly anticipated upcoming movie, The BFG now has a new latest trailer for you to watch!! The movie hits theaters everywhere on July 1st! 

In addition to the latest trailer for The BFG, you can enjoy some new posters that are now available for the movie.

Check out the latest trailer for The BFG!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying sharing all of these amazing upcoming Disney films with you!!


  1. My hubby loved this book as a child and is looking forward to the film.

  2. What does BFG stand for? The trailer looks exciting. It looks Harry Potterish scary!

  3. I loved this book as a kid!! I cannot wait to see this movie!!

  4. I didn't read this book and hadn't heard of it before I saw this. I realize now that it's a popular children's book. I need to check it out at the library and see if my kids are interested. I love book to movies -- especially Disney!