Pay-Per-Step with Metromile

*Disclaimer - I received payment for this post, from Metromile. The information in this post was provided to me by the company.

Are you looking for a new way to save money? Check out the Pay Per Step program, with Metromile!

Check out Metromile's new Pay Per Step program - - Here is their phone number and information - . All about Metromile’s Walking Insurance: Metromile has disrupted the car insurance industry with such force that it created a need for a whole new type of insurance: walking insurance for people who drive less and walk more. Metromile pay-per-step insurance functions through its new smart walking app: the Metromile Pace. 

Several factors will be considered when creating the customer’s unique per-step rate, including broken bone history, clumsiness score and type of walking shoes. 

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Customers who sign up for the Metromile Pace will be covered in the event of: Being caught in an unexpected rainstorm Losing balance, tripping or falling Worn out socks and shoes Emergency walk-side assistance And more! Metromile is excited about their new “Walk Much?” alert, which gauges fall severity based on impact and alerts the provider immediately to help the customer get help as soon as possible. Metromile offers a safe-walker discount for walkers who commit to not walk-and-text, use the handrail when available, and follow the safe route recommended by their Metromile Pace. 

 Take advantage of the foot care package, which includes a monthly pedicure and new pair of socks. While Metromile doesn’t actually have a pay-per-step walking insurance, it does have revolutionary pay-per-mile insurance available in Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Check out my earlier review of Metromile, HERE! Metromile is designed for those who drive less than 10,000 miles a year and saves the average customer $500 annually. With Metromile, drivers only pay a few cents per mile with a low base rate each month for full coverage. 

You can get your quote at Metromile makes every car a smart car with the Metromile Pulse. The Pulse plugs into the standard OBII port and is used to track mileage and provide car data, such as driving stats, engine health and car location. It’s even been used to recover stolen cars! As an April Fools’ prank, Metromile is announcing the first-ever pay-per-step walking insurance: Metromile Pace. Metromile’s signature pay-per-mile car insurance has customers ditching their cars, many for their own two feet, which has made pay-per-step walking insurance a necessity.

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