Holiday Gift Guide: Baby Bjorn - Bouncer Balance Soft

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post in late 2014 but this is a full review now that our son is older, from Baby Bjorn in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Who loves Baby Bjorn products? I know that my family does, and I'm sure that you will too.

Full Review of the bouncer:
As you may already know, Baby Bjorn is a very popular baby brand for parents and babies with a variety of products to choose from on their website. They have carriers, travel cribs, bouncers, and more! Bouncers are very safe as long as you place the baby in them right, and strap it good. 

I promised the company I would do a follow up full review once I've had a chance to use it with our son, and here's the full review. I haven't seen a bouncer just like this one before though, but our son being almost 6 months old now, he loves it and has since birth really. This one is an easily accessible product, and is for babies and toddlers alike. 

I use it mainly if we're sitting while watching a show he likes (Barney) or if I'm cooking and he doesn't want to sit in his highchair. He's able to look around while being safely secured in place, in his bouncer seat.

I love the brand Baby Bjorn and the products that they have to offer on their website. They have this bouncer which is known as the bouncer balance soft which is made for babies through toddler to age 2. 

Benefits of motion for babies is that it can help to calm a crying baby. This bouncer isn't like most are, it rocks in response to baby's own movement without any batteries or artificial stimulation.

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  1. I want one! lol Im due in March with my first little girl and I want to buy her a really nice bouncer. this one sounds perfect