Shrib Airbrushing: I Nurse in Public Long Sleeve Onesie

*Disclaimer - We bought the onesie and our friend at Shrib Airbrushing airbrushed a design for me, in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for a gift to give your family or friend that is unique and looks great? Well, take a look below to see a few products that he sells!

The one that I am excited to show you is the one he made for me because I'm nursing our youngest child, and people try to give me dirty looks when I need to feed him in public, out and about around us. So, I asked if he could design me a onesie to stand up for nursing in public. We bought the onesies for him and he designed them for us. This one says Caution I Nurse In Public.

We have a good friend here locally that has his own business on the side from his full time job, and it's called Shrib Airbrushing, and he does it within his home. He doesn't have a website yet, but has the Facebook page that I linked to above. He has lots of great items to make and sell, on request. I love this onesie and he's worn it a few times so far. He will be wearing it more often now that it's getting colder outside. The onesie shown here is a 6 month onesie, and as you can see the design turned out very nicely! It's to help promote #normalizebreastfeeding!

Here are some examples:

The products above in the picture are kids piggy banks that are made out of Mason jars. How cute are they! There is also a Robin one to go along with the Batman theme if you'd prefer that one instead! Prices vary, so just send him a message on Facebook!

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  1. Cool hat and just love that little onesie. My daughter saw the bottles and of course with super heroes that wins. :)