DIY: Candy Corn Wine Bottle {DIY}

I was shown how to do a really neat fall DIY craft for the house. I know if you're like me, you like fall time. I love when stores have pumpkin spice everything!! 

Here's a simple craft you can do for around your house if you want to decorate.

How to make a Fall Candy Corn Wine Bottle:
1. Have a dry and empty wine bottle available to use
2. Buy white, orange, and yellow spray paint at Walmart
3. Make sure you do this project outside and have newspaper to lay or stand the bottle on
4. Spray the entire wine bottle with the white spray paint and wait 1 hour
5. Make sure the bottle is dry and spray the bottom half of the bottle with yellow spray paint
6. Use the orange spray paint and spray the middle of the bottle
7. Spray the top half including the spout of the bottle with white spray paint

Fall time is a nice time to decorate and make crafts with kids or just by yourself. This one is a nice one to have several of, outside and inside the home. These are nice and bright colors as you can see, and it's an easy project to do. Just be sure that you do this outside, and have newspaper or something else that you can lay or stand the wine bottle on.


  1. This is a great excuse for me to drink a little wine this weekend! What an easy and cute craft!

  2. Is this the DIY pin for the Dominos giveaway? It is such a cute DIY project!

  3. If I was a wine drinker, I would totally make a cool craft like this. Maybe I could ask my neighbors to save me some of theirs!