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*Disclaimer - I received a gift set and gas card from Metromile for writing this blog post. Most of this is pre-written content provided to me by Metromile.

I am writing all about Metromile on this blog post, so YOU can learn more!!

About Metromile:
Metromile is revolutionizing the auto insurance world with its pay-per-mile model - allowing drivers to pay for the miles they drive, without judgment of driving style or behavior. Designed for those who drive less than 10,000 miles per year, per-mile insurance can save the typical customer nearly $500 annually. Metromile is currently the only agent offering a pay-per-mile auto insurance policy in the United States today.

Metromile leverages data to harness the power of predictive modeling to make all aspects of driving and owning a car simpler, less expensive, and more convenient. By offering a mobile app and connected devices, Metromile is reinventing how drivers can effectively manage the costs of car ownership. 

In 2015, Metromile partnered with Uber to provide much-needed insurance coverage for Uberx drivers. Unclear coverage for the ambiguous "Period 1" (when the Uber app is on but the driver has not been matched with a passenger) had led to controversial and costly court battles. The partnership enables both systems to verify drivers and vehicles, which then allows miles driven during Uber's commercial coverage (Periods 2 & 3) to be subtracted from the driver's total monthly bill.

- Per mile insurance through Metromile is currently available in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, and Oregon.
- Uber driver-partners are able to sign up for per-mile insurance only in California, Washington, and Illinois.
- Drivers in other states can add themselves to a waitlist for an emailed notification of availability. More states are planned for 2015.
- The current free app experience is available in CA, WA, PA, IL, VA, and OR.

Insurance Features:
- Road trip-friendly: Road trip for less. With pay-per-mile insurance, you aren't charged for the miles you drove above 150/day (250/day in Washington). So, if you go on a long trip, you'll save even more!
- Complete coverage: Every kind of coverage.
- Even though you're paying less, you still have the same amazing coverage that all the big insurers provide. From collision to comprehensive, we've got you covered.
- No judgment: We only measure your total miles driven, not your driving behavior (ex: speeding or braking)

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  1. I see that MetroMile is in my City. I am going to check it out and see how it can save me some money!