Cinderella is Now on Blu-Ray Combo Pack!

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Click Communications in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

We all know how popular the new Disney movie, Cinderella was and is. Now, you can own it on Blu-Ray combo pack!

You know the Disney movie Cinderella, and the dazzling beauty that she is. Well, now the producers made an AMAZING new movie of Cinderella with real people, and it is the best Disney movie that I've seen in a long time! We took our daughter to see it with girl scouts, in the theatre. Now, I got the blu-ray combo pack to review, so this will be hers for Christmas. I absolutely love this movie and have nothing negative to say about it. 

This movie is so much better than the original non-real life Cinderella, in my opinion. My husband even liked the movie. Every girl wants to be their own Cinderella at some point in their childhood, right? Well, this would be the perfect gift for her for a birthday or Christmas gift. The young actress who plays Cinderella did an excellent job in her role in the movie!

This will be the best money you spend all year. Cinderella was released on blu-ray combo pack on September 15, 2015! This movie starts off with how Cinderella's life was before her mom died, and then her dad shortly after gaining a step-mother whom she hates. It's a great story line.

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