Back to School: GoGo Squeez Products

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from GoGo Squeez in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Do your kids love fruits and applesauce? Then, these are the perfect products for your child to take in their school lunch!

Our kids are going to school in less than two weeks, and what better snacks to pack in their lunch than a GoGo Squeez ! They're easy for an on the go snack, as they're squeezable pouches of flavored applesauce of fruits / veggies. These are very affordable snacks that can be bought at Walmart or their website! Our kids love these pouches, and prefer the fruits but eat all varieties.  Feel free to follow Go Go Squeez on Facebook and Twitter.

They each had a few to help me with my review for Go Go Squeez. We love these products and buy them often. The flavors they have available are great and good for all ages. I recived several packs of these in multiple flavors, and our kids love them! I got two packs that are a bigger box, and they have lasted us quite awhile. They don't pack their lunches often, but when they do I am sure to put 3 of them in their lunch, and they have one after school every week.


  1. I have these in my fridge and pantry as we speak. Even I love to snack on these sometimes, though I admit the kids use them more. Spencer, my 2nd grader, has a late lunch hour at school so he gets a 5 minute snack break in class. This is one snack he always reaches for!

  2. this stuff is a huge favorite in my house! The Co-Pilot and I fight over the Mango one. Really easy to pack and run with too!